January 4, 2008


Less is more. Found this really modern watch by a Chinese designer named Lv Zhongfang. Seems like it doesn't have a lot of feature but I love its stylish minimal black look. More about this nice piece after the jump.

Apparently, it's an OLED watch and what's so amazing about it is that the white dots that we see moves randomly (like in the second picture) but if someone wants to know the time, a lil shake or slight hit on the glass surface will reconstitute the dots back into place. Really cool, huh!

It's not yet out in the market but I wonder how this thing's gonna cost?

FYI: Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED), as compared to LED, uses plastic or organic materials which makes it more lighter, thinner and far more flexible. It has a brighter display yet consumes less power and have much larger fields of view (170 degrees) which enable comfortable viewing from almost any angle.



Anonymous said...

that's hot stuff. how much is it?

KERVI said...

it's not yet out in the market, ms.peeler!

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